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i. To provide every possible facility to the member manufacturers & exporters and resolve their export/import/Customs/Sales Tax/banking related problems etc.
ii. To protect, promote, develop, run, manage, finance, maintain and administer tanning and leather products industry in Pakistan.
iii. To collect, maintain and distribute or supply such statistics, data and other information necessary for the uplift of the tanning and leather sector industry through letters, circulars, periodicals, articles and press statements.
iv. To establish and promote contracts in foreign countries and develop trade relations with them in order to popularize the products of Pakistan and to promote image of the country.
v. To establish relations and co-ordination with the Government of Pakistan and other Government Departments in devising a strategy to ameliorate the working conditions in the leather and leather products industries.
vi. The Association shall be an organization for Islamic, National, social and humanitarian service and shall not engage in any political activities.
vii. To help settle the controversies between the members of the Association.
viii. To subscribe to and become member of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry and to procure from and communicate with any organization of trade and industry in Pakistan or abroad such information as may be found conducive to the attainment of necessary objects of the Association.

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